About Weimaraners


Weimaraners are a medium to large, active dog with a stunning silvery grey coat. The breed was developed by foresters in Germany to hunt and track down wounded game. Weimaraners were originally used mostly on big game (think deer, wolves, and bears), however as the larger quarry disappeared gradually from forests breeders started to select for bird hunters as well.

The weimaraner is classified as a versatile gundog (also known as an HPR - hunt point retrieve) as it is used to not only locate game, but also retrieve after the shot. Due to tracking/trailing dogs used in the development of the breed it is also an exceptional tracker of wounded game (but this has also been very successfully used in modern day weim’s for search and rescue jobs, as well as competitive tracking.

Due it’s beautiful coat colour the breed has throughout history gone through periods of immense popularity which has not always done weimaraners any favours as not every person is prepared to own a large, active, strongly bonded companion!

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  1.     The weimaraner comes in TWO COAT TYPES. There is a long and short haired variety. Both coat types can be born into the same litter. The longhaired coat is controlled by a single recessive gene that must be carried by both parents. Both coat types have been in the breed since the start of it’s development and are recognized by all kennel clubs with the exception of the US.

  1.     Weimaraners make excellent FAMILY pets due to their tendency to bond strongly to their owners. It is important however you teach your puppy however to spend time alone (usually via crate training as a puppy) to help prevent undesirable anxious behaviour such as separation anxiety.

  1.     Weimaraners make great deer stalking as well as HUNTING companions. If you are interested in hunting your weimaraner it is important you communicate this desire with your breeder to make sure your puppy is the right pup for you. Some lines or individual puppies have a higher game drive and this will help ensure you have a more successful hunting companion. We also recommend getting in touch with your local gundog club or versatile hunting dog club to help with early game, gunshot and water exposure if your breeder does not live locally to assist.


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